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Presenting Europtima Medical Solutions

Europtima Medical Solutions (EMS) is the child of a group called Europtima. Armed with more than 26 years experience and due to market demands EMS was born to solely serve the Healthcare industry. Since then EMS has delivered services across multiple geographical areas; from London, to the GCC region passing by Germany and Poland. Our people and partners are thoroughly selected thanks to our rigorous process focused on Excellence in customer service.


Here are some of the reasons we believe set us apart:

  • We Promise, then Deliver. PERIOD. No excuses.
  • You buy what you need, and not to meet our sales quotas
  • 100% satisfaction, so you become a referencable account. Get ready to get a call from us
  • We carry selective and innovative limited number of products and services so we focus on servicing our clients
  • We acknowledge that clients pay our salaries. Can’t get more realistic than that
  • We have access to British, American, German and Arab medical experts: Physicians, Surgeons, Researchers, and Technicians


Would you like to learn more about us and our services?

We would love to hear from you. Just give us a call at  +971 56 696 8725 or send us an email at

Our Team

Gaby Tayoun --Chairman

As serial Entrepreneur in EMNA region, Gaby has seen it all. As chairman of Europtima Group, he has delivered successful businesses across many sectors. He was a Healthcare pioneer Public-Private Partnership (PPP) developer in the UK, La Tour Hospital, and multiple medical facilities in Europe. He is EMS founder.

Ray Kattar --CEO

Ray has been in the Healthcare Industry for more than 35 years. Started as a paramedic in the Lebanese Civil War, then Emergency Master Trainer in North Ameica, to Canadian Ambulatory Services, to working with Global Healthcare Operators In the US and Europe. He is EMS founder.

Hiba Khalil --Solutions & Business Development Manager

Hiba has more than 12 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry out of which 9 years in the GCC Region. She is  dedicated to finding the right solutions to our clients problems. Hiba works with C levels, Physicians, Technicians, as well as EMS Partners. She is employee number 1.

What's New

EMS is partnering with Nuada Group to bring Clinical Excellence to the GCC Region, read more


EMS will be at Arab Health Dubai 2016 with its Partners (PHILIPS, TomTec)


EMS is proud to announce its partnership with CardioComm


EMS is proud to announce its partnership with Penumbra

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